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Yesterday was the final day of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. While I wasn’t able to squeeze in a post during that time, my blog reader was lit up with lots of different posts related to this topic. One post in particular, Don’t Tell Angelina Jolie to Eat a Burger, cuaght my attention because it speaks to one of my core beliefs: 

Body Image issues affect nearly all women in America, regardless of their size

Whether fat, average or thin, each day we are all repeatedly exposed to the societal message that there is a narrow standard of beauty that one must constantly strive for in order to be accepted. Many people aren’t even consciously aware of this message and how it affects them. And even those who make a conscious choice to reject that message still have to cope with hearing that message every day.

One of my major goals of this blog is to encourage conscious awareness of that message so that each individual can make a conscious choice for herself as to what they want to do with that message.

Food for thought: Do you think there is a double standard between how people on either end of the weight spectrum — those deemed “too thin” and “too fat” are treated?


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